Links to websites of some photographers I like


I'm very proud to see that my niece has developed, over the years, the same passion for photography as I have. She has done this to the extent that she decided to become a professional photographer, which I can only welcome as she has shown great talent, personality and dedication for this art. So, she studied general photography in Paris and since her main focus was (unlike for me) on fashion, beauty and portrait, she completed her education with a degree from the world known “Istituto Marangoni” in Milano (known as a leading school of fashion, art & design).

She works now in Paris, has published in different magazines, works regularly for the Paris Fashion Week and is now about to open her own studio. I’m excited to see how this young photographer is going to evolve and explore new fields and approaches in the photographic language. Have a look at some of her work on:


I like her eye, particularly in her street photography and the way she sees ordinary objects.

I also like her use of black and white and colour, i.e. the subtlety and delicacy of her palette, in which she's probably helped by the fact that she uses a Fujifilm X- equipment ... ;¬)


"Street Photography"

He has a classic viewing perspective and an art of composition in line with the great ones (Cartier-Bresson, Frank etc.) but with a very special treatment of light: harsh contrasts, extremely deep blacks, low key ... and the way he uses shadows as an element of composition is absolutely magnificent.

Very appealing.

[To be continued and expanded ...]