I’m Jean-Marc Friedli, a linguist, musician and photographer from Basel, in Switzerland.

As for photography, I used a film equipment for many years (even high quality medium format) and I have produced thousands of slides and black-and-white film negatives of travel, landscape, portrait and urban photography. To scan them (or even just a selection of them) was a hell of a work, and I'm still busy doing it...

That’s one of the great assets of digital photography: you can publish and distribute the images over different electronic media. That’s one of the reasons why I switched to digital photography a few years ago. First with basic point-and-shoot cameras (in my pictures, you can recognize the corresponding images by the almost square format), then with a DSLR equipment from Sony (that I still like and use) and two years ago, with the mirrorless X-system of Fuji: like many other photographers, I was immediately hooked. The system has its shortcomings (certainly not their lenses and the accuracy of AF), but for available light, it’s simply a dream come true. And their white balance technology is easily the best I know.

However, once you’ve found a decent photographic equipment, use the technology for what it is, a tool, open your eyes and your mind, and allow yourself one of the greatest luxuries of modern times: time.

JM Friedli

Any feed-back or comment on my pictures will be welcome (as long as they are not purely destructive ...):